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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

“GenZ-ers are both, the heroes of their times, and victims of their circumstances”

Someone had to talk about us.

Not in a “they’re-stupid-kids-who-don’t-know-what-the-real-world-is-like” way, but in a genuine and unadulterated way. Through this article, not only do I want to shed light on what being a part of this era and age is actually like, but I also want the rest of our generation to feel less alone, because I think we all tend to do that to ourselves sometimes.

Think of the most intricate cobweb a spider could possibly spin, but in terms of DNA. That pretty much sums us up– chaotic, messy, imperfect and deeply flawed. Some of us fight for human rights and inclusivity on a daily basis, while the rest of us mindlessly scroll through TikTok with the hope of making something of our lives, constantly, in the back of our minds. Most of us are really just trying to make something out of whatever world we’ve been catapulted into, by having the time of our lives.

We’re often dismissed as the generation that has it entirely our own way. If we had it our way, we wouldn’t have had to spend half of high school in front of our computer while simultaneously sabotaging our sleep schedules and mental health. “They’re kids, they don't have real problems” How would you feel if someone told you that when you were sixteen?

Trivialising what we go through is a large reason most of us seek refuge in online communities, or friend groups, not because we “hate our parents” but because we feel more understood with our friends.

With all the pathetic, emotional things being said (very GenZ of me to refer to showing emotions as a sign of weakness), our generation is far from perfect. We let the three apps on our phone control every action we take and inhabit our lives, we talk about “going to therapy” as though it’s something everyone needs, and repost Kanye West pictures (guilty).

One thing’s for sure- we won’t be saving the world anytime soon, but follow us on twitter- we’re really funny on there🥰


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