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Our mission.

who are we?

The Teen Tribune is a weeklee newspaper that serves as an adolescent coffee accompaniment to talk about anything and everything, unfiltered and unapologetic.  

Through our themed weeklee issues, we hope to accept and amplify the misunderstood voice of the youth and make simple things matter. 

Our history.

where have we been?

Founded in the midst of a pandemic by a lost writer, The Teen Tribune printed its first pages on the 27th of September 2020. 


Nearly a year later, we've published 40 issues and have grown from a paper of 1 lonely adolescent to a massive team of 70 teens, tweens and adults, across 3 countries. 

Our vision.

where do we wanna go?

We envision a media that includes voices from different spectrums. We hope that all those who feel misrepresented or misunderstood are given a chance to speak and think: without the risk of being cancelled or called out.


Our books aren't great. Our minds are. By spreading messages that may be unpopular but equally valid, we wish to tap into the potential of the future, in communities globally.

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Our pillars

what are our values?

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Blazing Eye

The youth talks a lot. But it's not all mindless chatter. Through our various platforms, we aim to provide a healthy vent for newfound innovation. 


Opinion-land, is this you?

Opinions, advice and more. Our newspaper aims to present an unexpected nuance, ready to inspire thought and action. 


Stay curious.

Words have power. They impress and express. Most of all- they matter and we know that. Our content hopes to impact all those who don't fit in.


Explore our weeklee newspaper issues and see the difference communication makes.
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