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opportunities at The Teen Tribune.

How can you contribute?

  • Permanent team member- Join a 75-member large team that proudly represents India's first youth-centric weekly newspaper. 

  • Guest-writing: Get your articles, poetry or reports featured in one of our newspaper issues and/or on our blog. 

  • Collaborate: Work with us on a youth-centric campaign, through interviews, podcasts and livestreams. 

  • Advertising: Show your product or service to our large audience of 3000+, both within our issues and on social media.

Join our Team

be part of The Teen Tribune family.


  • A personalised Letter of Recommendation to add to your Resume and College Applications from an award-winning international newspaper. 

  • Global network of engaged youth across India, America, France and Pakistan

  • Regular feedback-based experience in journalism, editing, marketing, graphic design, etc. 

  • Work exposure to a 3000+ member large audience network. 

How to Apply?

  • Click the button 'Apply Now' to view our open spots for this month. A detailed description of each spot, its requirements and more have been included with the form. 

  • Fill in the form with your details and select the positions you are applying for. 

  • Await our Operations team to contact you with further selection details (if you are shortlisted). 

  • Once you have submitted your selection, our Team Lead will contact you regarding further details and with our answer. 

  • For queries about applications, please email

Guest Writing

have your voice heard.

  • If you are interested in having your work featured in our newspaper, send in your entry (between 500-800 words or 40 lines of poetry) to

  • Along with your entry (sent as an editable Google Doc), please send us a 100-word description about yourself, including a picture and your social media handles so that we can credit you accordingly.

  • You have complete creative freedom and past entries have included short stories, poems, scientific essays, Op-Ed articles, etc. Do include images, captions and sources as needed.

  • Based on the quality of your entry, our Editorial team will get back to you with the details of the feature

  • Judging criteria: Writing style, content, clarity, originality (no plagiarism please) and audience appeal. 


let's work together.

  • If you are interested in working with The Teen Tribune on a campaign, or have an inspiring story to share with the world, send us a pitch on and we'd love to get in touch! 

  • So far, we have worked with over 50+ youth organisations on social media campaigns, interview features, writing competitions and content collaborations. 

  • Past features (through livestreams and podcasts) have included the CEO PhonePe, Video Production Head at Sony Entertainment,  popular influencer Shaurya Batra, etc. 

  • We have also partnered with Dhoondh, a leading plasma-donation platform, to conduct a fundraiser MUN conference that generated Rs. 50,000 towards Covid relief.

Permanent team spots
Guest writing
Collaborate with us
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