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Hi there. We see you, creepin' around like a kid on Christmas. And why shouldn't you? This is where you will find the voice of the teenagers. Where resides the spirit of the astounding adolescents. Where you'll finally learn the answer to questions like "Why doesn't anyone get me?" or "Mom, why do you keep nagging me!?". Such imperative gems of weeklee knowledge, just waiting to be won...So c'mon in and prepare to be awed!


 Issue 2 | November 28th

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What are demanding the French midwives with their multiple demonstrations ? Are they in a conflict with the governed 
Did the European countries managed to reach their ecological responsibilities? What are their new goals? 
Do you want to know more about Gustave Eiffel, the man that designed the Eiffel Tower?
Our issue can answer all of these questions and even more of them! Don’t stay in the doubt!!! Grab your Sunday Pain au Chocolat and enjoy our issue!


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