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Hi there. We see you, creepin' around like a kid on Christmas. And why shouldn't you? This is where you will find the voice of the teenagers. Where resides the spirit of the astounding adolescents. Where you'll finally learn the answer to questions like "Why doesn't anyone get me?" or "Mom, why do you keep nagging me!?". Such imperative gems of weeklee knowledge, just waiting to be won...So c'mon in and prepare to be awed!


ISSUE 86 | 8th September, 2023

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It's Here! 

ISSUE 86 | 8th September 2023

The wafting scent of coffee, complete with improving weather and a dollop of nostalgia; August was a breeze. MUN season was off to a roaring start, colleges reopened, India sent a rover to the moon’s south pole- and yet, amongst all this excitement, we found time to sit back and reflect on all that has gone by. From our deliberate indulgence in 2000s era fashion and shows to the contemporary understanding of history, we filled our days with excitement and nostalgia. And all of a sudden, we realised that August had slipped away…..

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