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Hi there. We see you, creepin' around like a kid on Christmas. And why shouldn't you? This is where you will find the voice of the teenagers. Where resides the spirit of the astounding adolescents. Where you'll finally learn the answer to questions like "Why doesn't anyone get me?" or "Mom, why do you keep nagging me!?". Such imperative gems of weeklee knowledge, just waiting to be won...So c'mon in and prepare to be awed!


ISSUE 95 | 6th July, 2024

Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 11.00.37 PM.png

It's Here! 

ISSUE 95 | 6th July 2024

A treat for escapists, a carnival is everything one could dream of. From magic shows, stunts, heart-stopping rides to cotton candy and those delicious but ridiculously overpriced potato twisters, a carnival has it all. 

But, what's hidden behind those striped red and white curtains? 

This issue captures the dazzling spectacles, captivating stories and the thrills of the carnival  we call - society.

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