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The Released Dybbuk

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

There's a tiny, little dybbuk box, deep in the depths

It’s where our fears soar, without any threats

And there's a legend, a legend for the day it's open

All evil shall be released like Pandora's box, broken.

It's hidden, not for everyone to heed;

Ironically quite in plain sight, yet not perceived. 

The ones that see it the most are the keepers,

More so when in front of the lake of delusion that sends us into spirals.

Don't take a peak, for it's dark, it's scary,

It engulfs the petrified, leaving them with scars to bury.

But that's what the keepers say to keep the protected child away,

To keep the excruciatingly painful questions at bay.

One peak was taken, and then few more,

Only to reveal the remnants of the past that held quite the lore.

And there was a tiny, little demon that peaked its head.

It told the story of the cheery child that hung on by a thread. 

The child liked the open, it was liberating,

But the damage from the other’s deed was binding.

It held him tight, like a noose on his throat,

It pushed him to the box, the space he despised the most.

Associated with fragments of pain, he was now vile.

In a blink he was tossed into darkness, with the rest of the pile. 

Yet, he did not run, simply still he dreamed,

Waiting for his sweet release, forever with hope he beamed. 

He stood to share his story today, for he is the demon that talked. 

Years of patience finally answered, worth the journey that was walked

There was no darkness, there was no trapped soul,

It was simply the amassed, unanswered thoughts turning foul.

All that was to be done was to face the box when ready,

So you're free to breathe, although it'll be momentarily heavy.

The key to the dybbuk box is the box itself,

A simple answer with a complex past; a liberating move to further love ourselves.

*dybbuk box  - dybbuk boxes are wine cabinets claimed to be haunted by a dybbuk, a malicious “demon” said to hold the power to invade and possess a living person. It usually contains items relating to the “demon”, to contain it in the box. 

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