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Finding Joy Amid the Chaos

Updated: Apr 25

I think it’s safe to say most of us haven't been able to process time as we used to before the pandemic. In such fast-paced lives, we may lose track of who we are as people, which is why we should have passions. Passions give us individuality, personality and character. It makes us different from the people around us.

Having a life goal is what keeps us motivated when we feel like we aren’t worth it. It helps us see that certain things are worth suffering and fighting for. If we are truly passionate about achieving something, we learn, hope and grow in order to fulfil it, even if something seems like a feat impossible to do now. These are the kinds of things that keep you motivated, encourage you to keep moving forward and won't let you give up. They make us look forward to the future, hoping that we have achieved what we wanted to, and bring happiness when you just think about your future self succeeding in life.

Sometimes, we forget to take time for ourselves. Some of us focus so much on the future that we’re rarely thinking about our present needs. As a way to connect with our current selves, we require small passions, apart from our life goals, to get our daily doses of happiness. These passions need not be anything huge. Even something as simple as taking a morning walk can be your hobby.

Pursuing a hobby isn’t a waste of time. It is a certain amount of time dedicated only to yourself and you should never feel guilty in doing so. Keeping aside some time for yourself every day not only gives you a sense of relief, but it also increases your productivity while doing work since you already gain a sense of self-satisfaction. Never feel scared to try something new.

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