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Right here, right now.

Pause. Feel your feet on the ground.

Pause. Notice the shadow of your window by virtue of the evening sunlight.

Pause. Listen to the sounds of the utensils clattering in the kitchen, your neighbour playing the guitar, the incessant traffic.

Amidst the constant hum of existence, we find ourselves entangled in the intricate ‘dance’ of time – the past tugging at one sleeve, the future beckoning from the other. 

This ‘dance floor’ – it’s crowded with memories and expectations, the melodies that move us– composed of 'what ifs' and 'could have beens.'

Our minds can drift away from the present moment. We scroll through timelines, haunted by the ghosts of yesterday and the spectre of what's to come. The current moment often slips through our fingers– like grains of sand.

However, real allure isn't tucked away in the lingering laughter of yesterday or the hopeful wait for tomorrow's sunrise. It's not some mystical enchantment or profound beauty that's out of reach – it's all happening, right here, right now.

The art of staying present is a delicate dance with mindfulness, a conscious choice to anchor oneself in the immediacy of the moment. It's about savouring the taste of the coffee, relishing the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes, and admiring the creases in your bedsheets. It’s about being mesmerised by the dance of the flame lit on your candle, noticing the slight sway of the plants in your balcony before it’s about to rain, or just looking at what the squirrels on the rooftop are upto. It's an intentional act of disconnecting from the noisy chatter of what was and what might be, and focusing on what is.

In this sanctuary of the present, there's no room for the heavy chains of regret or the burdensome weight of anxiety. There's only the liberating rhythm of now – an open floor, awaiting the graceful steps of your awareness.

As you navigate your days, let your gaze linger on the details that often go unnoticed. Watch the sunlight kissing the leaves, feel the rhythm of your breath, and listen to the whispers of the wind. The present moment won’t fail to reveal its brilliance to those who dare to look, to those who dare to linger. 

Embrace the reality that your journey is not a race against time. Feel the present moment. Don’t let the sand merely slip through your fingers- feel the descent of each grain.

So– the next time the charm of yesterday or the pull of tomorrow seeks to entice you, pause. 

Take a breath. 

Ground yourself in the beauty of the present moment. For, isn’t it all that exists? 

The recital of life is unfolding, 

And you?

You have a front-row seat. 

Just make sure you don’t waste your ticket.

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