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Leaves on Autumn Trees

“There is no value in happiness if you don’t experience sadness once in a while.”

Most consider fall to be a sombre season. Depression rates start rising with the onset of fall and the plants around us dying doesn't help that much. The trees lose their beautiful leaves and with the weather being so cold, we all seem very gloomy. We can barely get up in the morning and feel sleepy all throughout the day. But what if we look at it on the positive side? Trees grow new leaves in the spring. It is because of their old leaves falling that they have the potential to grow healthier ones later on. We sleep longer, which fixes our horrendous sleep schedules.

It is a human tendency for us to focus on the negatives and overlook the things that make us happy. Just because we don't notice the positives around us, it doesn't mean that they aren't there. This may sound very dismissive, but you cannot be happy until you choose to be happy. Until you put your 100% effort into being happy, nothing will be able to help you. Instead of focusing on the things that hurt you, think of things that make you happy, give you purpose and make you feel worthy. Negativity eats up all your happiness. I am a very pessimistic person, so trust me on that.

Think of the leaves on autumn trees as the toxic people in your life that you’re afraid to let go of. Just like the leaves, these people will leave you. It is inevitable. Later there will be hardships in the winter. You may feel like there is no one by your side and give up. But just like the trees get new leaves, you will end up finding better people in your life.

We all feel so low at some point in our lives when we think that things never get better. But they do, and we aren't capable of acknowledging this at those moments. It doesn't matter how we manage our emotions and how long it takes for us to move on, all that matters is that we don't give up. No matter how long the autumns and winters last there are always springs and summers after.

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