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I wish

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I wish other people’s smiles,

Didn’t push me to force mine,

I wish I didn’t feel like breaking down,

Every time they asked if I was fine.

I wish other people’s bodies,

Didn’t make me want to change my own,

I wish I could look in the mirror,

And not see someone who felt so alone.

I wish the words that they said,

Didn’t feel like they were directed at me,

I wish I could say what I was actually thinking,

I just want to accept myself, and be carefree.

I wish the love they showed me,

Didn’t make me question if it was true,

I wish I could believe their compliments,

And not put myself down for all that I do.

I wish I could hold myself together,

And not hold myself back from moving ahead,

I wish I could stop being my worst enemy,

And be my biggest cheerleader instead.

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