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For you, your being

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Loss is a human experience, an inevitable one. Despite its immovable place in our lives, it still rips us to shreds each time we go through it. Especially losing a person - someone who once knew you better than you'd ever known yourself, and now a stranger who you occasionally wave to, awkwardly. How do we deal with this grief, this pain? Sometimes people don't. And sometimes, to deal with its crippling effect on us, we make art;

For you, your being

Everything happens for a reason, they say,

Then why, why does my heart hurt this way?

We drifted apart,

I fell apart -

Apart into pieces, shreds, leaving nothing but a fading glimmer.

A glimmer that yearned,

For you, your being.

But I realized, and my hope grew slimmer,

I knew deep down, it wasn't the same.

I knew you wouldn't return.

I knew you wouldn't regard my concern.

I’ll come to learn,

But I doubt I'll ever stop to yearn,

For you, your being.

It’s inevitable, but I'll still return,

When you pretend there's nothing.

When you pretend to not see my happiness at the mere sight of you.

When you pretend to not see me at all.

I have come to learn,

But I'm quite sure I'll always yearn,

For you, your being.

My soul aches, hollow without feel,

But... as long as you say hello, right?

As long as you smile, right?

As long as I get a glance, right?

Wrong. Horribly wrong, I was.

I've learned,

But I'll always yearn,

For you, your being.

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