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Transformation of Gaming Industry-How virtual reality and augmented reality are altering how we play

The world of gaming has advanced greatly since the earliest Pong and Space Invaders. Thanks to technology improvements, games nowadays are more interactive and hyperelastic than they formerly were. With the introduction of augmented and virtual reality, the sector has undergone a revolution.


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The best looking elements of the simulated environment can be experienced by gamers thanks to virtual reality. The world can include hazardous volcanoes and sweltering deserts; the only restriction is one's imagination. Instead of simply viewing it as a sequence from the game, players may engage with this 3D environment and immerse themselves in it. There are several restrictions, though, like the necessity for a powerful computer and the accessibility of the content. Only a head-mounted display, or HMD, may be used to play VR games. Tycoons in the gaming industry like Oculus and Sony have created their own VR games and HMDs. Famous VR games include Superhot and Half-Life. The sole visible barrier separating the player from the real world exists in VR, which is the only distinction between AR and VR.


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Augmented reality is an immersive and interactive experience that enables the player to physically interact with the digital environment. Augmented reality debuted after virtual reality games. For it to create an artificial environment, augmented reality combines game images with audio content in real time with respect to the user’s environment. MR and XR Games take it even further by allowing the player to give real time input between the game and the real world. Example of an AR game is the game that took the world by storm, that is Pokemon GO.


Due to AR and VR, the game business is currently undergoing a significant upheaval. By allowing players to immerse themselves in immersive, interactive games like never before, these technologies have the potential to alter how players perceive games. Instead of the physical environment, users will encounter a fully complete virtual one that they may navigate using body motion. Before VR and AR are extensively employed in gaming, there are undoubtedly challenges to be overcome, such as their high cost, extended sessions that cause motion sickness, and eye irritation. Despite these challenges, the future of gaming is promising due to these technologies and time will tell how it will all go.

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