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Who What Wear: The 'Met' Garden of Time

We're back to fashion's highest awaited event of the year- The Met Gala. The time for Couture. For when designers and attendees can truly let loose and express with their outfits (while adhering to the dress code of course). And that event was just this Monday, the sixth of may.

This year's exhibition is themed “Sleeping beauties: reawakening fashion”, centered on showcasing iconic vintage pieces that are now too fragile to be worn. This theme is not to be confused with the dress code of the night honouring this exhibition, which is “A Garden of Time”. From Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe ‘s perfect matching couples outfit (Do I watch the met red carpet for them alone? Yes.) to doja cat's wet ‘cotton flower’ dress, the night brought out fashions best and worst. Join me as we dissect what I personally believe are the best and worst dressed of the night.

Best dressed:

1. Alia Bhatt in custom Sabyasachi

Call me partial but this outfit just has to be my favourite look from the night. From the beautiful floral sheer saree to the timeless styling with the traditional gold jewelry, Alia truly radiated elegance. Bonus points for honouring the exhibit by taking inspiration from a Sabyasachi archive ( originally worn by Deepika Padukone).

2. Zendaya in custom Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano

The Challengers star never misses at the Met, and this year is definitely not the exception. Zendaya pulled up with not one but two incredible outfits (though the first is what made the cut for this list). Inspired by an archival piece, the blue and green splendour was decked with tulle and miniature grapes, giving an almost dark iridescent sheen. Paired with vintage thin eyebrows, ghouly cold eyeshadow and unruly hair, the whole look felt right of the set of “A wrinkle in time”.

3. Mona Patel in custom Schiaparelli

Mona Patel, Indian entrepreneur and CEO (all round girlboss) just attended her first Met and, wow was she a sight to see! The debutante stepped onto the steps of the costume institute dressed in a custom beige Schiaparelli design, complete with mechanized butterfly sleeves. Yep, you read that right! The sleeves were adorned with motorised butterflies that flapped their delicate looking wings. The look thereby paid homage to both the botanical aspect (butterflies) as well as the time aspect (mechanical workings), blending them into creating a futuristic yet almost timeless look.

4. Wisdom Kaye in ss24 by Robert Wun

Your first Met is always unforgettable, and it's essential to make a good impression. Wisdom Kaye delivered just that in a look from Robert Wun's ss24 collection. The red outfit, with the gaping burn holes, looked at the darker aspects of time; a fresh perspective as compared to all the clockwork and sand timers. The look was an ode to how time decays all, with the Haute Couture feel that only Wun can accomplish. Hat's off, or shall I say, Hat's on!!

While these stars shined on the steps (a special mention to camilla cabello's frozen rose block of ice purse), some didn't quite reach the mark. The worst thing you can do at an event like this is to dress boring, dress simple. It's perhaps only fitting to say that the majority of the men who showed up in a simple wedding guest suit definitely didn't serve looks, but rather could have served the drinks. (Yes I'm looking at you, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, Chris Hemsworth). Another absolute miss for me was Michelle Yeoh's tin foil balenciaga dress. I'm sure she had an explanation for it, but I fail to see how this dress will ever fit the dress code. And can we just take a moment to talk about the construction?? Looks like something straight out of 5 minute crafts! Yep, I went there. It is very on brand for the fashion house though, what with their towel skirts and tape roll bangles. Yet another outfit that disappointed me this year was surprisingly worn by THE Naomi Campbell. While she looked beautiful (and the flapper gown is right on trend like we predicted all the way in January), it's definitely a basic outfit you'd find at an H&M, making it such a let down for the high fashion Gala.

And that's our Met recall for 2024! What are some of your favourite looks that I missed out? Let me know in the comments below :)

(Edited by: Gopika R P)

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