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A Random Page from My Journal

Dear Diary,

Pacing through the noisiest silence, cooped up in a place where you cannot even trust your own shadow, or an unshakable feeling of hanging off the side of a building, grips you with no sign of reprieve. I think I have had my fair share of experiences in these metaphorical stages during the course of understanding more about mental health.

It all started when I was sexually harassed by my teacher and had to shut up about it for almost a year. During those times, I still remember how much I needed someone, someone to listen to all those immured thoughts. That moment, I realized the grave impact my family and some of my friends had on me. Even though it was three years ago, it had taken a toll on me which required therapy and indulging in self-actualization activities.

It was then that I had found peace in writing. I started journaling and soon re-discovered my new found passion towards creative writing.

Through this, I published my pieces in various literary journals and magazines, ranging from International Youth Cathartic by Oxford Alumni to MuseIndia. I focused on the areas of mental health and eventually worked closely with a local non profitable organization Maithreyi, who reached out to me after reading my works. Somehow, talking about my experiences or listening to others who went through something similar, made me feel like I was not alone. So, I made sure that I dedicate my time recognizing this and make sure that people around me are aware of Mental Health and its terms. Since then, I have found immense pleasure in working towards these causes and empathizing with people.

As someone who has been suffering from anxiety for a long time, I can guarantee that recognizing the need to find help is a challenging aspect. From then, I aimed to be a support to people around me and ensure that their feelings are validated.

Afterall, we all want someone to listen, understand, and empathize.



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