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Dimira Tanna

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I often find, I do my best writing while listening to music [in case you’re curious, the soundtrack to this article is the album, Fine Line :) . It’s silly, the way that I’d have a blank screen in front of me, but as soon as Illicit Affairs comes on, I start spewing poetry. 

Growing up, the idea of a perfect body never really bothered me. I looked confident, spoke confidently, and never gave people a reason to notice my insecurities, which at the time, were minimal.


Little did I know that “growing up”, well, sucked.

Disha K


For someone like me who takes expectations and external opinions very seriously, for better or for worse, my body was something that never seemed to satisfy me.

In school, when we returned after the summer break, I ALWAYS noticed those who had lost weight, and looked myself up and down several times in the mirror before I left the house.

Rysha Sultania

This year, I stepped into my 18th birthday with a plan. I will bake my own cake.

Why? Because it’s:

  1. Self-care

  2. Upskilling

  3. Cake

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