While talking about rom coms there is always going to be the holy trifecta of cities: New York, Paris or London! That being said, let’s discuss the actual movies.Have Rom Coms changed the meaning of love? Do they portray love in a way that it doesn't exist?-Is there someone really out there like Jim Halpert, Chuck Bass or Peter Kavinsky?

Romcoms are these cute dramatic stories of couples - their story, how they fell in love and how that love transcends all boundaries forever.This concept of love sometimes feels so real and heartwarming, but in reality does love really work that way?

Are rom coms deceiving? Are first kisses not magical as shown? Are rom coms ruining your love life?

Many people feel that rom coms give you unrealistic expectations in many cases, such is true and it’s up to you to pick the true message behind these stories.Everyone loves differently, every story is unique in its own way. The whole idea behind rom coms is to create wholesome experiences that parts of you can relate to, in the end your life is yours to live as you love your way. So, I don't think that romcoms create any unrealistic expectations because love is different from what's shown in movies and shows. Movies and shows are just providing us with heartwarming content and definitely not with the sole purpose of deceiving their viewers.

It's all about how you look at it and how you feel about it. It doesn't have to affect your personal relationships at all, they’re different from the entertainment world after all . So, let me know your opinions in the comments sections, what do rom coms mean to you? Are they affecting you negatively or do they make you happy?

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