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Tribune MUN 2021

Today's teens, tomorrow's leaders.

7th & 8th August, 2021

7th & 8th August, 2021


The Teen Tribune is a student-run, virtual newspaper with a capable team of over 70 members from across 3 countries. We publish weekly editions with articles addressing a plethora of topics with a focus on matters that are particularly relevant to teen readers. Over the past few months, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of support from our ever-expanding community of readers and members. This has inspired us to do our part in giving back and contributing towards them to the best of our abilities.


To this end, the Teen Tribune is organising and hosting TMUN 2021, the first in a series of events which aim to give teens a platform to vocalise their opinions, learn and grow by competing in a diverse, yet challenging environment. Through TMUN, we hope to foster active youth involvement in policymaking, diplomacy and foreign affairs, while also raising funds for charity.


We look forward to seeing you on the 7th and 8th of August!


Best Delegation Award: Rs 4000
Best Delegate Award: Rs 2000
Outstanding Delegate Award: Rs 1000
Commendable Delegate Award: Rs 500

Please note: Registration fees for the conference is set at Rs 450 per delegate, no refunds will be given.

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5 PM, 3rd August 2021

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