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Types of Fans at a Cricket Match (The India Edition)

Indians play a lot of games ranging from badminton to kabaddi. But extensive research shows that the most loved game in India is cricket! And with that comes a million different types of cricket fans… but we’ll stick to just 10 today.

1. The India-Pakistan Only Fan

Every cricket match you go for will have at least a dozen billion fans who only care about the outcome of an India vs Pakistan match. They take the outcome of this match very personally and tend to cry after a loss or celebrate after a victory for weeks to no end. These die-hard fans normally have their faces painted in the colours of our national flag even if that means not looking like themselves at all.

2. The maine bola tha Fan

Every time Kohli hits a 6, this fan will utter the words I told you or See, I knew this would happen acting as though he predicted every single move that unfolded on the pitch that day! I will never understand what these people think of themselves, what about you?

3. The Virat Never Has a Bad Day Fan

Maybe Kohli isn’t playing very well on a particular day and scoring a century seems far from possible. Regardless of how badly he is playing, this fan will always blame his poor play on external circumstances: it’s too cold so it’s not his fault or the Sun is directly in his eyes. They will never agree to the fact that it’s a bad cricket day for him because for them, a day like that is non-existent.

4. The Commentators

“And that’s a six.” “What a catch!” “Kya drive tha! Yeh toh hamesha yaad rahega.” These fans will just not stop commenting on the actions unravelling on the pitch.

5. The They’ll Win Because I’m Here Fan

This fan only believes in myths. He perhaps watched a match in which India won and decided that he was the reason for their victory. Now he attends every single match in which India is playing and tells everyone that India won because of his presence. But when India loses even in his presence? Then he doesn’t talk about his theory nor does anyone else - not because they believed in his proposition but because his theory wasn’t something even worth remembering.

6. The Know-it-all Fan

The nerds of cricket, there isn’t a thing about this sport that they do not know. They could give you a crash course on this sport and teach you every single rule, offence and trick there could possibly be to know. They are self-proclaimed cricket experts and all they like to do is tell you about every single move during a cricket match and how the players could’ve played better and what technique they should have used.

7. The Fake Fan

There is no need to even explain this one. The Fake Fan is the one who shows up in person to watch a match just to have the beer, and the drinks and to enjoy his friends' company. The audacity he has to do this is just shameful.

8. The Social Media Loves Cricket Fan

He only shows up to record the match and post it on his social media accounts with the hope that he’ll get a lot of likes and gain more followers. He has no interest in this sport whatsoever and only cares about his Instagram fans. You will find him spamming his stories with pictures and videos with the voice of the commentators blaring in the background at an uncomfortable volume.

9. The Blame Gamers

They blame the team’s poor play on their wives and husbands and not on the team themselves! Anushka has just ruined this player or Rohan Gavaskar just doesn’t like Anjum playing. How dare they!

10. The Fanatics

They are the crazy fans who keep screaming and shouting during the match! They overreact after India beats New Zealand and take their celebrations to new heights. I’m telling you, they even burn crackers - that’s how excited they get.

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