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Twenty- One Personal Thoughts for The Bold Type: Season Five

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

For starters, I’m glad to write this article. Way before it became a big hit on Netflix, I was one of the first people to have unearthed this eclectic show.

While it may be commonly seen as a “girl’s show,” the Bold Type has so much more to it than just the glamorous fashionista world it portrays upfront. This show is about friendship, relationships, and present-day issues, as much as it is about the entire fashion fiasco, making it stand out amongst the rest of the shows that only give us one side story.

So, if you’ve never watched this show to date, this is *a massive spoiler* alert to you.

Here’s to one last hurrah in the legendary fashion closet, and to “unleashing holy hell!”

First of all, can we please talk about the Richard- Sutton situation? If there was one couple we thought would last in the whole show, it’s definitely the Brady Hunter. While I respect Richard for staying true to what he wanted, let’s not forget he just bailed on us! Thank you, next!

Now that that's out of the way, let’s take it from the top (take 2.)

And yet again, Jane to the rescue. Jane tries to go out of the way to expose one of Ian’s shenanigans at the tip of her pen. But does she have her facts checked? The story seems way too easy, doesn’t it?

It’s not likely for Kat to hide behind the clouds of guilt, but this time she’s just too hesitant to face Eva. Looks like Kat has become the new expert at ripping the band-aid off real slow…

Sutton’s a natural at her pitch ideas. Using the employees as models instead of real ones? Don’t we all wish we could work at Scarlet now?

We all love a fun Scarlet retreat, but the free Mimosas certainly did not help anyone, and of course Sutton in particular.

Next, Jacqueline taking the fall for Jane’s mistake-totally doesn’t line up with the show’s ethics. Cheers to tiny Jane and her large self-esteem for wanting to own it!

Jane and her speech about “The Failing Feminist” did us all proud. She might not be the best manager there is, but owning up for her errors and choosing to be accountable? More power to her!

Alex is back on track, he just has to get the poor Pintstripe’s boy his job back. And his podcast speech certainly moved a lot of us too. So, this is a reminder to you all: We’ve all done things in the past which we’re not proud of and wouldn’t do today, but let’s not let that mistake define who we are today. Here’s to a better version of me and you!

Kat and Adena, well that’s happening again, isn’t it? However, Adena might not want to be the big risk taker she was with Kat.

It’s high time someone actually spoke up about the assistant's underpayment situation, and we’re glad Andrew did it! The Bold Type never fails to deliver when it comes to issues that aren’t commonly spoken about as a big problem. There’s another reason you should be watching it now!

I’m all for the girls and their wild gestures, but showing up bombed to the office? That’s so unprofessional. Now, I see why Oliver should be concerned about Sutton.

Is Richard not turning up on D- day? (Divorce Day!) I’m sorry but Sutton deserves better. It’s good for her that she finally decided to see a therapist. Get well soon Brady, we miss you!

Am I the only one who doesn’t support Jane’s new obsession of overcompensating and trying to become the new Jacqueline for Addison?

Thank god for Kat leaving her job at the Belle. I mean she wants to be out there doing her social media activism stuff, not serving drinks at some weird bar. However the question is, what’s she going to do for a living now?

We’re all sad to see Alex go, but it’s for his own growth and I second his decision for that.

Guy’s Divorce Parties are officially a thing now!

Let’s admit, we’ve all been walking on eggshells this whole season when it comes to Jacqueline Carlyle’s resignation, and Jane being the new editor-in-chief. How well is she going to handle the no more writing part?

Kat might just be on to something while trying to get Zuri a legit job.

#Don’t Turn Away is another genius social activism moment created by none other than our very own Kat Edison. The show highlights the potential of the Gen-zers turning social media into a tool of activism. Let’s just hope Kat manages to strike a balance between fighting and rationality this time.

Jane’s decision to give up her post to Kat? 100% approved. I think we all can collectively agree that Kat is the right person to head Scarlet now. And of course, we have the girls supporting her so is this what we could possibly call a positive change? I hope so!

And that’s a wrap, love!

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