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When I’m tired of walking the fine line between isolation and society,

This is where I always go.

Sometimes it feels like walking on the stones by the park boundary,

Sometimes it feels like a tightrope.

So I dust off my knees and visit an old friend.

She never tells me what to do

She shows me.


It slips through my fingers and I watch her disappear.

I beg her to stay.



I have to let it go.

The sand grazes my feet as it falls.

I sit on the beach and bury my feet in memories

But the water doesn’t let it stick.

The sun is setting on this life

But I’ve only just begun to paint it.

So I’ll go back to spending today to remember yesterday

And spend tomorrow remembering today

Inch towards the ocean.

Closer. It pushes me back.

Closer. It pulls me in.

Closer. On your toes now.


I’m neck deep.

I’m neck deep, and my feet can’t touch the ground

The moon is out and she’s beautiful.

She looks smaller back home.

The current pushes me onto the shore

I have to go back home.

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