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Timely Tunes

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I often find, I do my best writing while listening to music [in case you’re curious, the soundtrack to this article is the album, Fine Line :)] . It’s silly, the way that I’d have a blank screen in front of me, but as soon as Illicit Affairs comes on, I start spewing poetry. Music is a big part of who we are though, it’s one thing every generation has in common - the way that as soon as we put on our favourite song, we can feel the tension leave our body.

Over the generations, ways of listening to music have also evolved, and yet, somehow, have stayed the same. My parents grew up listening to vinyls and CDs while I have my favourites downloaded on my phone and laptop; Vinyls, however, are making a comeback. They’re fun to collect, and when you play them the feeling is just entirely different.

While my parents love Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Queen, Abba and Guns n’ Roses, I love Taylor Swift, Hozier, Harry Styles, Glass Animals and Girl in Red. This stark line in music taste, however, doesn’t really prevent us from agreeing about music for road trips. This is mainly because my sister and I were brought up on my parent’s music,I was the only 7 year old who knew full Celine Dion songs, and my parents really, really love Imagine Dragons.

There’s always something for everyone, it just takes a bit of digging to find what you like. Playlists are and have always been a love language. Whether in the form of mixtapes, or Spotify links, it is proof that someone knows you well enough to know which songs you already like, songs they associate with you and songs they know you will enjoy. Music is also known to enhance memories! There’s a reason we associate certain songs with memories, even if they weren’t playing when an event happened, perhaps, it’s the lyrics or music which makes us think of that particular incident. Whether it be songs that you enjoyed with your friends or songs that just remind you of special moments in your life, they’re always there to take you back to a time when you felt maybe a little more like yourself.

Ever listened to ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles on loop when you feel a little hollow and empty inside? Research shows that listening to sad songs when you’re feeling down makes you feel better. It suggests you feel connected to the lyrics, or the duller and lamented melody strikes a chord in your heart and makes you feel a little less alone. Happy songs with their beat-heavy tunes and pounding lyrics that make you wanna dance, those too, help you smile.

Whatever music means to you, the very simple truth of it is that it’s art, a way people express themselves. It’s passion, it’s something that connects communities and people across the world. Music flows and changes with the tide of time. It sets the tone for different occasions, it can buoy our feelings and mood. Music has been around for all time, and no matter how much we might not like new music, it will always evolve and grow with the taste of people. It is as constant as the sun in a world that changes every day.

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