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The Mask

I wear a mask, oh, so grand:

A perfect version of who I am.

Meeting everyone's needs and demands

I wear it and play my part,

A face that hides a doubtful heart,

The curse I bear, a constant art.

They'll eventually see through the guise,

That I'm not who I always advertise.

I’m an imposter in disguise.

The world sees what I want them to,

But deep inside, I feel untrue,

A fraud, a fake, a weak debut.

Behind the disguise, I hide my face

Afraid that someone might take my place

Fearful that I don’t belong in my space

Yet, I can't let the mask slip off,

The fear of judgment, oh so tough,

My heart aches; it's never light enough.

Insecure thoughts play on repeat

Dismissing my achievements and my feats

After all, I’m nothing more than a cheat.

It never truly ends,

Under the veil, I continue to pretend

To their needs, I warp and bend.

But deep inside, I always feel the same

As if I don’t deserve this name

Unworthy of my earned acclaim

I paint smiles on my face - my act is strong,

But deep down, I know everything is wrong.

This burden I bear… telling me I don't belong.

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