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“The feminist type”

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


1. A Feminist- a woman who advocates for women’s rights because she hates men.

2. A Feminist- a woman who wants females to rise above males because males don’t deserve their current position of power

3. A Feminist- a person who wants equality for men and women

21 centuries of fighting, struggling, protesting. 21 centuries of uncountable sacrifices that have led to the third definition being ignored, and the first 2 being glorified as an attempt to push women further down the ladder.

I’ve been struggling to put into words how I feel about feminism, and being not just a feminist- but a 15 year old one. In a world where I’m not sure where I fit in in the first place, being denied a voice because of my gender isn’t IDEAL to say the least. Having people stare at me because of my clothes, teachers humiliating me and telling me to “stop attracting the attention of your classmates”, not being able to wear sleeveless jerseys if my underarms weren’t “clean”, all contributed to me becoming a fairly aggressive feminist.

All the boys i know who’ve said “brO ShEs ThE fEmiNisT tYpE”, as an insult, aren’t coming close to offending me, because yes; I am the feminist type. I’m the feminist type because we aren’t the society we hope to be. We’re in a place where I send instagram posts captioned “is a girl really safe in India” ONLY to my girl friend groups. We’re in a place where victim blaming has been so normalised that when we hear about harassment, we ask “what was she wearing?”. We live in a world, where feminism and women’s rights are up for debate, while men’s rights are inscribed into the constitution. We live in a place where my male friends are uncomfortable talking about feminism.

Definition 3. Read it again. A feminist is someone- ANYONE- who chooses equality. Have we really progressed far enough, if it takes a 15 year old to be angry enough to address the situation. Feminism isn’t just “another genZ kid’s idea to shatter the patriarchy”. No, it’s a call for help.


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