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The Art of Productivity

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

If someone, at the start of 2020, declared that there would be a killer virus emerging from a tiny little wet market in Wuhan, they would be ridiculed for watching way too many sci-fi movies. Little did we have time from our busy weekdays and treasured weekends to muse about these unrealistic, yet enticing scenarios. The hustle and bustle of our, seemingly distant, old lifestyles came to a halt in early 2020, our early morning routines went out the window, the limited amount of free time available to us had changed so drastically that boredom was more common than productivity, and our lives had become a lot less strenuous. Was this period of unproductivity for the better or the worse? Let’s find out.

For starters, let’s break down what a traditional weekday of a student would look like, it would usually consist of waking up early in the morning, followed by a long day of school, then come home in the afternoon, evenings would consist of homework, tuitions, and perhaps an hour of free time, followed by the night where we would prepare for the next, monotone day, after which one would tiredly hop into bed to repeat it all the next day. One might say that this rigid routine would inculcate a sense of discipline into one’s life while one would argue that this constant stress upon children kills the fun out of their childhood. The past year’s academic year was completely dominated by Zoom meetings, MCQs on Google docs, and an overall drop in the enthusiasm of students. It’s safe to say that offline classes trump online classes in every curriculum-related category. However, it’s the extra workload that comes with regular schooling that is the issue. During the online year of schooling, our strenuous schedule was slashed by half, giving us more time, more time to sleep, more time to study, and more time to do anything we pleased while still managing our academic lives and keeping our grades up. The question that begs to be asked is whether the curriculum can be this light when we return to our old schedules. Will that be in a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years? Only time can tell, until then we should make the most of this period until we’re swallowed by waves of papers, pens, and stress. The New Education Policy 2020 that has been mandated, bringing in a new light of hope into the younger batch of children as they won’t have to go through years of rote learning and have their future decided by one examination, will come into force as early as April of 2022.

Now that we’ve seen and experienced both the arguments of the spectrum, one decisive conclusion can be made: productivity lies in the dedication of a person and not in a schedule or routine. You could make the most detailed schedule for your day and still come out of the day having done nothing, while a person with dedication and motivation can complete any task with the barest minimum while not even bothering on charting out a schedule for themselves. All that matters is putting in your passion towards any activity that you do.

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