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Taylor Swift- The Music Industry!

Updated: Jan 12

Imagine sitting on your couch on a rainy day with a cup of rose tea while ‘Willow’ plays in the background. Or imagine embracing your inner baddie as you scream the lyrics to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ or ‘I Did Something Bad.’ Or maybe you just need to cry to ‘My Tears Ricochet’ and ‘All Too Well.’

Personally, I cannot possibly forget dancing to ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘ME’ can I? Taylor Swift has a song ready for every mood and I cannot even put into words how beautiful her music is, but I will ;)

Her brilliant singing and ethereal lyrics work together to create unforgettable masterpieces. I am a big swiftie and look up to Tay Tay so much! She released her first album when she was just sixteen, writing meaningful lyrics that go way over my head. Sometimes I find it difficult to do anything without music, and I’d be lying if I said my playlists don’t contain 80% Taylor Swift. For instance, I can’t do math without music, and I’m even writing this while blasting ‘August’!

Another thing Taylor is excruciatingly good at (other than putting out albums that seem like they were magically crafted) is easter eggs. I don’t know if it’s just me, but her easter eggs show us what a manipulative genius Swift is.

The fact that she had so many signs pointing to a 1989 tv, the wildest dreams song in a horse movie, the 1989 merch, and literally the backgrounds of many pictures she posted on her Instagram, but Miss Taylor went and announced RED TV coming out on November 19th instead! More so, it’ll have 30 songs, with one track being 10 minutes long! Now, like any swiftie, I had a mini-mental breakdown and Taylor knew we would never be able to handle so much mental therapy/trauma- so she gave us 5 months or 22 weeks to mentally prepare for it.

Let’s be honest, Taylor doesn’t love the drama; the drama loves her. Be it the Kanye-Kim phone call situation or Scooter Braun trying to own her first six albums, Taylor has seen it all. But like most celebrities, Tay knows that the haters gonna hate and all you can do is be true to yourself no matter what others might say.

T-Swift is an expert at writing splendid songs about her shitty exes and everyone hates them *cough cough* except Harry Styles *cough cough*.Whether it’s Jake Gyllenghal the scarf stealer (10 mins of all too well is gonna get me bawling my eyes out) or Joe Jonas who broke up with Tay over the phone, she gives us heartbreaking songs for her long list of ex-lovers. But everytime I see her with Joe Alwyn my heart flutters. They are so adorable together!

Additionally, Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, and Taylor Swift make THE best family in the music industry. The way they hype each other up on social media and talk about each other during interviews just makes my swiftie heart happy.

On that note, here is a list of underrated Taylor Songs you must listen to!

5| London Boy

If I could listen to this song whilst exploring London I would! But for now I’m going to have to be okay with mentally transporting myself to Highgate and every spot mentioned in this beautiful song. Many people have not even heard this song, so, this is kinda like a wake up call to y’all. So, now go listen to this wonderful song about London boys with dimples and freakishly amazing accents!

4| Getaway Car

Yes, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ was a punch to the face, but the lyrics to ‘Getaway Car’ just click together and I sometimes wonder how this wasn’t a single. The way she uses a relationship to get away or run away from her problems is such a stunning way of putting something everyone goes through into words. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone faces problems and no matter how strong you are, at some point, you have to run away.

3| ivy

I will never stop appreciating her master lyricism in this song! Most people usually say ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ but Taylor says ‘My house of stone, your ivy grows and now I’m covered in you.’ *dramatic satisfied sigh* I love how Taylor has so astoundingly considered so many point of views and expressed so many struggles that people face through folklore and evermore and this is another one, talking about how you’re already promised to another but you love someone else.

2|this is me trying

This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. It’s such a beautifully crafted song that hits straight at the heart. This song is all about those who go through a daily struggle,be it a mental illness or battling addiction. They go through so much and they are trying their hardest by just waking up and doing everything in their might to not drink again or jump off the cliff. It’s a small tribute to tell them that she’s proud of them and happy that they are trying because that’s enough.

1| Champagne problems

I honestly don’t think that this is an underrated song but it deserves so much more love than it gets! Taylor has always been known for her master storytelling and this song proves why she is the music industry. Champagne Problems is a song about this girl who declines a wedding proposal to the man she loves and she knows that she’s breaking his heart, but she’s not ready to take that step yet. He’s scared and embarrassed about what society will say about him following the loss of the love of his life. The lyrics and metaphors and fantastic music just keeps reminding me that this is real music.

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