Take a break - Have a no social media day!

Over the last year of being at home, I discovered that I had an unhealthy habit of seeing social media for long periods of time. From food videos to random 30-second ads from the 1990s, there is so much content that I can’t resist its undeniable charm.

Instagram and Youtube have become apps that I need to use every day.

It is very irritating that this platform is used to channelize the majority of the user’s inner frustration. The memes are hilarious but extremely derogatory and self-deprecating. I find it weird that we are obsessed with self-improvement and motivation.

The content confuses your mind about whether you are the hero or villain of your own life. Am I smart or just crazy?

Now if I want to stay away from this, I am told to filter my explore page, but the database is still filled with weird stuff. People doing all sorts of exotic things in their lives. (please, I know the Maldives is beautiful and a mansion with a Masserati is a dream but STOP!)

Content is great, but take a break and allow others to take a break. Your pictures are really beautiful, but I am not your mom to need a minute-to-minute update of your whereabouts! (If I had to do that, I’d attach a CCTV camera to you)

Social media is a wonderful tool, but it creates an illusion that you always lack something in life. Taking a break from social media doesn’t mean one isn’t going to message or take calls. If your friends are taking a break, chill out and spam their DMs with memes while they rejuvenate and come back stronger than before.

Change the trend to taking breaks often, not just when you have exams or when you undergo a break-up or some major loss. You never know what kind of mental happiness that instigates. *opens Youtube to binge funny videos*

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