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Summer Nostalgia!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Hi! Welcome to this blog. I suppose you’re here after scrolling through Instagram, bored of reels, your youtube recommendations, the whole covid situation in general, and are here for some fresh entertainment.

I genuinely hope I can provide you with that entertainment. Unfortunately, my taste is not the most popular. However, if you stick to at least half the blog, I’d be super grateful. (Bye to all those who left right away.)

Today we have some summer nostalgia on our platter, so I hope you’d love to relish some of that.

Shall I do the service?

So, it was two years ago, my mom would kick me out of the house to play once the vacations would start. I enjoyed staying outside and roaming around with my set of friends I rarely meet nowadays due to the virus that has me hypnotized with the beauty of my bed.

All that I remember about summer is the ripe mangoes, a bright yellow with a mild tinge of orange and a sweetness that makes you want to stay and keep having more and more of that orangey goodness. The home-coming feeling from those juicy watermelons cannot be found in anything else. Having multiple ice-creams in one day was definitely not seen as a crime under the law of the heat.

The whole day would fly by in the blink of an eye. The whole day would be a whole ton of play and fun. If you were lucky you would maybe get a movie marathon also with your friends. Summers never made anyone sad except for the sun beating down on us but it didn’t matter since we all were so engrossed in enjoying the moment.

Secondly, the television channels would bombard us with ads of cool drinks and chocolates, now how would anyone not be tempted into splurging on these goods? After purchasing these goods and then getting yelled at for spending on these goods we’d eat them anyway and remain happy. The best part was we all knew the commencement of summer was not the vacation itself but the Dermi-cool ‘Thanda Thanda cool-cool ad which meant that summer was upon us.

Those were the days' man! Let’s hope they come back soon. Sending you a lot of love and happiness!

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