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"sort of, a lady godiva or something"

Be it as the carmine bombshell in her cinematic debut 'The Mask', the simple, sheltered girl in action blockbuster 'Knight and Day' or even as Princess Fiona from the one and only 'Shrek' movies, there’s a Cameron Diaz for everyone.

From the moment she strutted onto the silver screen, she has commanded our attention in a way like no other. It’s been more than evident since day one that Cameron Diaz is a star. She possessed the ultimate it factor, and radiated absolute cool girl energy. She had mastered charisma, and left everyone who met her mesmerised. At a time when we were still realising that yes, women in fact could have it all, Cameron possessed both- attitude and rom-com sweetness. Her jeans were flawlessly low-rise, and her heels incredibly high. Everything she did, she did simply because she wanted to. In movie after movie, she kicked ass, fell oh so deeply in love, or managed some combination of the two, and she did it all without the faintest hint of whiplash, flashing her contagious grin, flaunting her classic '90s plucked eyebrows and an enviable pout.

Her journey as a fashionista is just as varied as her career in film. Though her style history is often overlooked as compared to her contemporaries, such as Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow, she is the reigning dark horse of the era. Below is an ode to the unsung style icon of the 90s, with a peek into some of the best looks of the one and only, Cameron Diaz.

The Mask saw Cameron Diaz in this high slit red bodycon dress and matching knit sweater. The look was topped off with high heels, soft 90s glam makeup and layered curtain bangs. Though it's been over two decades, this look remains a classic, quite like Miss Diaz herself.

Here, during promotions of The Mask, Cameron wears a quintessentially 90s look: minimalist miniskirt, along with a baby tee and swipes of frosty blue eyeshadow, finished off with brushed back hair.

In 2002’s The Sweetest Thing, Diaz continued her pre-established fitting crop top and low rise jeans trend. Here, she matches a plain black top with striking red flared pants with heels to match.

In this look from the comedy Bad Teacher, Diaz dons a classic all black outfit. With a matching black bag, black lens sunglasses and red bottom heels, she compliments the look with a badass red lip, quite fitting for her bold character and edgy attitude.

This yellow look from her 2010 blockbuster Knight and Day sports her character June in her bridesmaid’s dress, paired with chunky leather boots and a satchel bag. What stands out about this costume is the fact that she oh so effortlessly pulls off large action sequences while in this look. I think we all agreed with Tom Cruise when he said, “that's a beautiful dress by the way”, mid car chase.

Throughout the 90s, Cameron was known for her ultra-minimalist styling as much as her comedic acting. Think leather blazers, long slip skirts and simple fitted sweaters. By the turn-of-the-century, however, the bona fide actress turned her attention towards more dramatic roles — and a newly maximalist wardrobe. Cameron attended the 1999 Golden Globes wearing this AW99 Chloé gown over top a pair of black slacks. The layered look landed Cameron on plenty of worst-dressed lists over the years, but, looking back, I think it’s perfectly chic.

Cameron Diaz appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno sporting this beige pantsuit with a deep plunging neckline, a contrasting knit headpiece and thick beige bracelets to match.

The flick Charlies Angels, which saw its leading ladies playing a trio of private detectives, featured a plethora of iconic outfits: woke-up-like-this baby tees, Formula 1 fire suits, Studio 54 gowns and a trifecta of dirndls. Here, Cameron, Drew and Lucy attend the 2001 Blockbuster Awards wearing a trio of their own looks, Cameron in a pair of cut-out low-riders and a red floral choker.

Cameron was one of Hollywood’s foremost maximalists. Here, she attends the premiere of Vanilla Sky wearing not just a pair of bedazzled-and-embroidered trousers, but a patterned newsboy cap, a purple crocheted evening bag, a pair of chandelier earrings and tuxedo shirt. It’s a lot… but it’s oh so Cameron.

The 2006 romcom The Holiday is a great fashion watch. The film portrays Diaz in a multitude of loud coats, this one being a classic fur-trimmed moment.

Yet another Knight and Day look, this outfit is exactly what I mean when I say business casual. Cameron dons a white button down with tight skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a high ponytail. An exceptional stunt too, this bike chase through the streets of Spain left everyone in the theatre in awe.

In 2008, Diaz marries Ashton Kutcher on a drunken night out in their comedic hit What Happens In Vegas. This scene shows her off in a golden bodycon dress, complete with glossy stilettos and the dance moves to match.

Here's wishing the legend a happy birthday.

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