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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Social Media has become a big part of our lives. The exponential growth in the number of people who use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms combined with the time people spend on them has caught everyone's attention lately. There are multiple advantages of social media that drives us to not want to leave it.

Recently, a Netflix documentary called “The Social Dilemma”, has changed the view of many people about the use of social media.

What Are Social Media Breaks?

Social media breaks are breaks that help in improving one’s mental health. On a daily basis, while scrolling social media we consume enormous amounts of content, which definitely affects us, either consciously or unconsciously. Generally, the time period of breaks varies from person to person; it could be a week or even a month. Some say taking a break for 2 days has also made a huge difference in their energy and their well-being. Many people who have taken these breaks have felt that we should be in control of our usage rather than controlling our emotions.

To start doing so is definitely very hard, you might feel that it's almost too hard to give up because you are going to lose your primary content source, you will be unaware about what's happening around you and there might be many other reasons which will make you feel that a break is not necessary. But trust me, it makes a lot of difference. You're not loaded with toxicity and content all the time and it can get overwhelming at times. It's not always necessary for one to know what's happening, it's okay to take a break from the world.


  • You’ll get more sleep as you won’t end up scrolling down Instagram through the night, you will sleep earlier than usual.

  • You’ll learn more about yourself. Discovering yourself can be a part of this journey.

  • You will definitely have less screen time which might be very hard but it's going to make you feel better at the end of the day!

  • It might help you find hobbies different from sitting and scrolling endlessly.

  • It can definitely help you curb your FOMO.


  • Not all content is bad, sometimes the content you consume can make you happy.

  • It largely helps in expanding your network.

  • Some studies show that it might lead to depressive symptoms.

  • There is a good possibility that you might miss some important information.

So are social media breaks for the win? Comment below!

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