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Social Media Activism: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Social media activism is something that influences our society in a both positive and negative manner regardless of its intentions. What do I mean by “Social media activism”? Well, in simple terms it's talking about or fighting for important issues that one believes the world should be aware of. 

Social media activism can be an incredible way to spread the word about something happening around the world. It can be beneficial for the public to help people in need, provide funds or resources, and more. Having people talk about the problems that occur around them not only paves the way for more open discussions but also helps disprove misinformation. We receive live updates and are kept up-to-date on all the events that transpire. 


Every positive thing is bound to have a negative thing follow it around. 

Let me ask you this- Have you ever reposted something about a major event without doing any further research or even knowing the full story? I know I’m guilty of it. 

That is exactly what our problem as a generation is. We are so quick to jump on the bandwagon of reposting all live updates, preaching about the “unfairness of this world”, and suddenly turning into activists and protestors without seeing the full story and forming an opinion of our own. 

If the majority of people we see are on one side we too are bound to blindly join that side and if they switch sides well, so will we. 

We know deep down that we don’t truly care about what’s happening at least not after a couple of days. After maybe a week of spamming our stories, we observe the number of people talking about it to lessen and soon enough it will be a thing of the past to us even if it is still ongoing for the rest of the world.

Social media has deprived us of the ability to form our own opinions without being influenced by our surroundings.

In a world where bad things happen every day, you should keep fighting for what's right but also know what it is you’re fighting for. 

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1 Comment

Great article! Love the topic choice, need to talk about this more!

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