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Skincare for the Unaware

Okay, so if you scroll through Pinterest and Instagram as much as I do, you’ll know a fair share about skincare. The whole double cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, and last but not least, protecting. Yup, I’m talking about the infamous sunscreen. Recently, dermatologists have gone out of their way to tell us about the benefits and the necessity of a good spf. It is and will continue to be the holy grail for good skin because the Sun is the celestial body almost always, responsible for terrible skin.

But what about those who aren’t like us, the ones who don’t have a chemically manufactured sunscreen? This is a mention to all the animals who also have delicate skin but no skincare routine like the rest of us. And for this exact reason, I’m going to uncover the secrets of nature.

Yup, I’m writing about nature’s spf!

Okay so to begin, we all know that some animals have fur coats to protect them but still the harsh sun can cause a multitude of side effects to their skin like rashes and a nasty sunburn that can lead to skin peeling. But a few others have no fur whatsoever and have to withstand the hot, blinding Sun. So here are a few animals and their go-to sunscreens!

1. Hippos

Hippopotamuses have no fur coating to protect their skin and they are found in regions where the Sun is clear in the morning sky and the climates are hot and humid. These animals sweat blood to protect their skins. Okay fine, they don’t literally sweat blood, but they release a secretion that has a certain red hue to it that is described as blood and hence the name. This secretion helps the animals protect against the cruel African Sun and keeps them safe.

2. Sea Urchins

Alright, some of us might have heard of seaweed being used as a protectant against the Sun or an anti-inflammatory agent. Well, this too is a part of nature so why can’t animals use it too? The shells of Sea Urchins are often not enough to protect them from the Sun and they are seen holding a piece of seaweed to protect against the sun.

3. Elephants

These animals are the ones that aren’t afraid to get their hands...and legs dirty! Elephants are famous for playing around in mud holes and in the water. These dangerous but adorable animals love to soak up in the mud to help fight off the Sun. These animals coat their skin in a layer of mud that protects their fragile skin and helps keep them safe and a little warm.

Now that we have spoken about animals having their own sunscreens, we know how important sunscreen is for everyone, so don't forget to use yours to protect your skin during this hot and sunshiny weather!

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2 comentários

A very thought provoking article. If someone took up the initiative to help these animals it would be of great help to the wildlife. Hope this article catches the eye of someone could research and work for the betterment of these animals




Meghana Kataria
Meghana Kataria
22 de abr. de 2023

Love the uniqueness

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