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Should I be embarrassed of my guttural laugh?

That could wake a million fireflies in the dead of the night?

Should I be embarrassed that it is a goodbye

To shame, shed like autumn leaves?

My heredity is a forest fire

And when this inherited fatherly rage burns down all I love

Why should I hide that his laugh echoes through me

And spreads like light instead of flame?

And should I not love that my eyebrows scrunch

When I return to peace, and my eyes

skim over ink from above my glasses

Like my nana did


The way my mother does


I will not ever know the people from the photo albums or family trees

from dinner time stories riddled with unbridled laughter

Or nostalgia's sweet whisper

But when I look at their eyes

A reflection of mine

I know I am their blood

And that is indestructible.

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