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Playlists: A Love Language

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

A blog collab by Tavishi and Anisya

Actions speak louder than words.”

Well, If that ain’t true. When it comes to expressing yourself, there’s a million different ways you can go about it. Everyone has their own love language whether it’s words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. We find different ways to express the deep emotions we feel for a certain someone, whether it’s our significant other, our best friend, or our family. But what if we told you that there was something else that encompassed these love languages? The exchange of words and sentences help facilitate an emotional, or soulful connection. What if I told you that the need for these verbal exchanges could be altogether ceased, and a direct connection be enforced? The answer to that is simple really: it’s the art of creating playlists for your loved ones.

Sounds a lil Charles Xavier, doesn’t it? I’m not mad, I promise you. Music is visceral, it’s meant to connect us in unseen ways. We relate to certain lyrics, we cry to our favorite songs, laugh to others, and look back melancholy to throwbacks. The true power of music is how it's as personal as it is pervasive. The lyrics, the tune, the beats speak a language that goes way beyond that of usual human interaction. When curated to form the playlist, we unlock the infinite power in songs. It’s why POV playlists are a hit on Youtube and Spotify are so popular because these collection of songs have the power to transport us to a place in time, or a feeling.

A song in itself speaks to us in a divine manner. But the right combination of songs, the right order, the right vibe helps stitch a quintessential tapestry. Playlists are the art of storytelling through music. Personally crafted playlists not only help the receiver feel special but help express your feelings for them in a way more than words could.

The art of making playlists doesn’t limit to tossing a bunch of songs together. A playlist maker knows how meticulous the process is- from choosing a genre or a vibe to the right order of these songs to the right name, the right description, the right playlist cover, the list goes on. A perfectly curated playlist is no less than a creative masterpiece.

And so when we curate a playlist full of songs that remind us of a certain person, or experiences with them then it’s a way of showcasing our love for them or the way they make us feel. Sometimes, it’s just a silent reminder that we care for them shown through the power of music, other times it’s preordained by an occasion such as a breakup or a tough time that a friend might be going through.

There’s also a sense of comfort when the songs you listen to flow seamlessly into each other, allowing your brain to focus, grow and explore beautifully. When I sit down to be productive, there’s always these few playlists that just fit my mood and allow me to be at peace.

Playlist making also allows you to relate better with the person. Our choice in music is a reflection of ourselves, and listening to a friend’s self-care playlist can allow you to tap into their discomfort as well. Which is why playlist making is an activity that goes beyond the surface level: it tethers two people together in ways that other tangible gifts can’t.

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1 commento

Beautifully written article! And I agree, playlists go beyond words of affirmation and transcend love languages. Although I’m not against both haha ☺️

Mi piace
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