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Limit ; It tends to Infinity

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

No, this isn’t about the Banach limits or anything remotely related to the indeterminate forms we see in our tests, where we ironically often forget to mention the very word itself, but it’s rather the inaudible, invisible limit that very quietly resides within every aspect of our minds.

This limit never fails to cease us with awe or surprise, and is tested day in and day out, so relentlessly that we actually manage to hustle our way through and make it to the finish line of whatever task we may have, menial or life changing. Yet, we never appreciate or take time to acknowledge it, and rather get swallowed by another whirlwind of worries that keep coming our way. Imagine how our inner “person” would be feeling - unnoticed, uncredited, not getting even a smidge of gratitude.

And honestly, that’s not our fault. As an eighteen year old, I know that no matter how good things turn out, we humans tend to shift their precious energy to the hinges of worry, which creaks its way through the brain, as though our invaluable organ doesn’t have enough wrinkles already.

All I’m saying is, we are pushed to our very limits all our life, from being a toddler that learned to articulate expressions with clarity, to being the good kid who is able to resist the urge for confectioneries. And then of course, the teen, who has the hardest time of acing every exam that could potentially change his/her track of life whilst simultaneously dodging his/her way through the hormone ball game, and then to a young adult, making the right choices. In no time, we’re adults pushing ourselves to get as many 6 figure checks as we can, and finally, an elderly person trying to be as active as we once were, while gray haired and toothless. I mean, let’s face it. It’s not just through the paradigm of phases in life, but also what we decide to be.

Whether we choose to be a doctor, racing time to save lives, or an artist, squeezing every ounce of creativity and materializing it, we’re all pushing and pushing our limits. It’d truly be a sight to behold, when we finally take the conscious effort and time to caress ourselves with the nudge of appreciation and adoration we yearn, all day, everyday. Especially now, in this pandemic that’s literally tested our limit in every possible aspect, it’s important to sit tight and hang in there. It might sound a bit cliche, but the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.

I hope that your retinas were enlightened, with the creative pictures you envisioned using these words as brushes and brought your biological canvas to life. Have a great day, and keep propelling and bustling till forever. Cheers!


P.S. I might (not) be doing too much calculus, but nevertheless got some refreshing philosophy out of it:)

- Harini Anand

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