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Imran Khan's Downfall

News Roundup

Arnav Garg


On August 5, Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was sentenced to a 3 year jail term, which led to his second arrest after the first on May 9 this year. Khan was arrested and convicted on corruption charges linked to the Al-Qadir Trust, which he and his

spouse own.

As Prime Minister, Khan had a falling out with the army, shortly after which there were several defections in the Pakistani Parliament, and a successful no confidence motion against Khan. This further worsened the relations between Khan and the military, as he accused it of having played a role in the entire series of events.

The tensions continued to build up with Khan’s several anti-military speeches and statements, and climaxed with his arrest from inside the High Court in Islamabad. This move has been yet another in a series of a worrying sequence, with Pakistan inching closer to an army-controlled government.

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