Feels for the feel-good movies

3 of all time, feel-good movies to help you when you have a bad day!

Ratatouille- Ratatouille is an all-time favorite movie of mine. It can help you feel good, release some emotions, and has some take-back value that suggests we are all capable of doing anything. Gusteau’s book should be our life guide, in case you forgot, it says ANYBODY can cook and everybody should be given such positive motivation, however, and whoever you are. (Now get out of bed and make yourself a mug of coffee!)

Moana- This Disney hero deserves a lot more appreciation than what we give her. Her journey from resistance towards her love for the sea from her father’s emotional baggage to the healing of Te Fiti and Maui’s superpowers pumps anyone and everyone with tremendous energy to see how far they’ll get.

The Intern- The Intern is a heartwarming story of a young entrepreneur and an experienced and retired man who is ready to become an intern for the joy of working. With tense moments, some serious moments, and a lot of hope for a good ending, this movie makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you wish that you find a companion like Anne Hathway found in Robert De Niro. It makes you understand a lot of things you might never have given a second thought about. Do make sure to watch this movie if you want some endorphins at the end

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