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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Crystal balls, zodiac signs, horoscopes and star signs. Fascinating and unbelievable, you might say. But does your zodiac sign impact your personality traits? I’m a Capricorn and I observe every little trait of mine and try to connect them with fellow Capricorns around me to try and check if all this is just a ruse or if it actually makes sense, even if it’s just a meagre 25% match.

Capricorn is the tenth sign and its element is earth. It is ruled by the godly planet Saturn, and the ones who possess this lovely sign are born between December 22 - January 19.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about Capricorns (through my observations)

There are mainly three types of Capricorns:

One, the silent ones. They are the definition of the emo aesthetic. They’re extremely ambitious and will fight for their principles and friends to the ends of the world. (I know we aren’t in a cheesy novel). They like to do as they wish and like to act a particular way that only . They are deathly serious all the time but seeing them laugh and smile is truly a rare sight but a beautiful one. They live in the “darkness”, while black is the only color that can be found on their clothes. If you are a silent Capricorn, you must be getting quite a chuckle right now, because they might look like quiet people who don’t talk much, but they’re probably in their world miles different from ours.

Two, the weird ones. Pouring in milk before putting in the cereal, eating bread with tomato ketchup, watching cartoons after watching a ghastly movie, thinking about what would happen if you lived in Antarctica or just being thought of as the “one with the crazy ideas”. They are lovable people who don’t like to depend on others. Being so free-spirited, they want to fly and venture wherever they please, be it down a bright and flowery road or down a winding, creepy one. They don’t like boundaries and hate the people who think they can’t move beyond the normals and try new things. Their aim is to try and make the impossible possible, no matter how miniscule it may seem. They are extremely focused when it comes to that. If your personality resonates with this description, you are one awesome person who doesn’t care about what others say.

Three, the responsible ones. They are perfectionists, be it in securing their future or even planning an infamous “trip to Goa”. They need the entire schedule panned out to reassure them. They love keeping things organized and love reading even more. They can spend days and days reading everything and anything and re-reading them all over again. I know you’re getting major Belle, Hermione and Amy Santiago vibes here. They are goal-oriented, they don’t shy away from working hard to achieve them. But they’re not always so high-strung. Little do you know, they can be exceptionally sarcastic and super mean when they want to. They have the ability to lead the way, make solid, realistic plans, and manage multiple people who work for them at any time. They will learn from their mistakes and get to the top based solely on their experience and expertise.

Capricorns are understanding people who crave independence and take charge of their future. They love working on the things that are close to them. They might seem cold and distant at times, but it’s just the way they take in things. Capricorns tend to feel immensely guilty, usually punishing themselves in unusual ways at times.

But Capricorns love to be loved, they stick to people who choose them and care in such a way that when they love, they give their all.

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1 Comment

I fit all of the above! loved the article.

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