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Another Summer

Autumn leaves now gently fall,

Our friendship changed, but not at all,

For memories remain, fierce and tall.

Friends we were, so close and true,

Shared our secrets, our dreams anew,

But time passed by, and we slowly grew.

Paths diverged, we went our own ways,

Lost touch with each other every passing day,

But somehow the memories never stray.

They continue to fall,

A kaleidoscope of moments, both big and small,

And nothing could have erased them all.

For in the corners of our hearts,

Lies a special place where friendship starts,

A place where time cannot pull us apart.

The memory of you, will forever bloom

A flower, that lies on the tomb

Of our friendship, that shall never resume

Springtime brings new life and light,

Yet some friendships don't take flight.

But their roots run deep, like earth's might.

Summertime may scorch and burn,

As friendships wane, never to return.

But the memories shine bright, like the sun's stern.

The laughter, the tears, the silly fights,

All now fade, like distant lights,

Oh, how I wish I could change that night

Years have passed, we're on our own ways,

Yet thoughts of you still come to play,

Like sunshine on a winter's day.

Though distance separates us now,

Our bond remains, we still avow,

For in each other's hearts we'll always bow.

Even if we drift to different shores,

Our bond will remain, forevermore,

Etched in our hearts, like never before.

Now in winter's quiet embrace,

Memories of our friendship still grace,

A lasting bond that time cannot erase.

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