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A Glance into 2024: In Conversation with Tahera Peeran

Updated: Jan 27

2024 in fashion, what would the landscape look like? What are our trendy ins? Our outs? What is fab and what's a fad?According to Tahera Peeran, a Bangalore-based revivalist designer, gender neutral wardrobes and DIY denim are in.

After studying and working at Thai Designs Institute where she trained hands on and developed her pattern making and cutting skills, Tahera launched her eponymous label in 2008. Her designs are inspired by her love for traditional Indian fabrics and techniques, with a contemporary twist. Her latest collaboration with Australian designer Kate Chad (TaheraxKate) is titled Kamal Kali, representing rebirth and beauty. The collection takes the beauty of Indian handlooms and techniques and reimagines them in a contemporary context, providing a larger audience for the craft. Tahera's works have been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Grazia, Verve and Femina.

2024 is the year of peach fuzz, atleast according to Pantone. Tahera doesn't disagree, but also expects to see some bright oranges, classic slates, a pastel lilac and “a beautiful coral red” . Compared to last year's deep “viva magenta”, 2024 is definitely going to be seeing more lively hues across seasons. We also expect to see the revival of the modern flapper, with all the fringe and sequin glory (Taylor Swift definitely predicted this return, hyping her Reputation album to be recorded in 2024, with her music video for delicate in 2017 featuring this exact aesthetic).

Logo Mania is definitely out. Tahera thinks the wardrobe essentials for 2024 are classics such as a well-cut blazer (also an ode to the gender fluid fashion prediction for the year) and high waisted trousers that “exude quiet luxury and timeless appeal”. Trends are also constantly evolving, with the sheer dresses of 2023 being expected to transition into sheet maxi skirts, and the pant less look transitioning back to the short shorts. It's also the year for sustainability, for consciousness and and intimacy. This is evident in the wedding scene, with the big fat Indian wedding slowly going out and people opting to just sing and dance, celebrating with close family and friends. It is also reflected in the fashion scene with a simple saree or dress that's more about personality than exuberance.

“We're just going to a wedding where the bride and groom, who love travelling, told us to fund their travels if we want to, but no boxy gifts. Just come and dance. I think that's really beautiful” said Tahera.

Wedding suits too are definitely in, for both women and men.

Tahera reminisces about the transition of social media from Facebook to Instagram. “The reach has definitely increased”, she says, talking about how creative advertising has now become, with so many different strategies like reels and paid post promotions. It’s also important to note the wider demographic range available on instagram as compared to Facebook, which, now, just caters to the older audience. Negative feedback is more accessible too, but it's important to take it only as constructive criticism, and ignore the plain negativity. Afterall, it's pretty easy to hide behind a screen.

Tahera shares some advice for those looking at pursuing a career in fashion design. “The industry has changed, and every career in fashion is highly saturated..“ says the Bangalore based designer, while also saying that the field is definitely more open, atleast mentally, to new voices as compared to her debut. The only solution thus, is hard work and preparation. (Picture licensed to TaheraxKate)

2024 is thus definitely a year of revivalism but also change, amalgamating into a unique fashion landscape that encourages new ideas, while still going back to one's roots. So it's time to bid adieu to the charming allure of barbiecore and welcome the classics!

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