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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

It was a day, just like any other, but there was this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t shake. My mind kept drifting off to an island filled with overwhelming thoughts, and no matter how hard I tried to come back, I just couldn’t. I could feel my heart beating fast and I had no idea what was causing this. My phone was on my bed, the screen glowing in the darkness of the room. Instagram was bright open and a video of my best-friends so-called best friends making goofy faces and hugging each other at their latest rendezvous, was playing.

They could have invited me.

They always tell me I’m their best friend.

Aren’t best friends supposed to tell each other stuff and call each other to parties and hang out together?

Am I really that bad?

Fear Of Missing Out, most commonly known as FOMO is what I was going through. It was a type of anxiety, or stress caused when you are feeling “left out” or “neglected”. It could also be the feeling you get when you think important things are not happening to you, while others may be experiencing something really crucial. You might be overthinking so many things at that point that you lose focus on what was really happening. Your mind makes twists and turns and adds masala to the original story, creating a warping version in your mind.

During this time, you have to remember that everyone has their own priorities and reasons for everything they do and it’s time to face the harsh reality that the people you might always choose first, might not always choose you back.

It hurts. It pains, excruciatingly, not being someone’s first choice, but remember you are strong and you can do anything.

Find people that matter.

The first thing you have to do to stop this anxiety, is to find the people who care about you. You might not always see them, but they’re always there. Block people who brag and hurt others on your social media and fill it with happy things- like positive influencers and friends who encourage and support you.

Keep a journal.

Writing down, or typing down (‘cause technology right?) your feelings really help channel your focus and understand what kind of thinking process goes through your mind. If you are artistic, you can even make a really aesthetic board with all your best memories and when you’re feeling blue you’ll always know that there are things that bring you joy. (Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…)

Don’t complain.

Never whine about what you don’t have and don’t tell yourself that you don’t deserve things. Be happy with what you have and eventually, by just being happy, better things will happen to you. FOMO mostly occurs through social media, so no matter what your peers say, take a break from social media and focus on what it is that you really crave for and want to achieve- because scrolling through Instagram 24/7 will not get you more than 95% in your 10th board exam.

Express Gratitude

I know, I know, we’re all teenagers, why should we hug our parents? It is so uncool! But just because it’s said to be uncool, doesn’t mean it is. There is nothing wrong in showing your parents you love them. Every morning, just think of three things you’re grateful for and your view of that day will change completely!

Just remember you are not the only one going through this. Anxiety is very common and you should definitely talk to someone you trust about this. Or you could just read this article. Hope it helps you!

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