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Updated: May 3, 2023

My mind is a battlefield;

I try not to yield.

When the past and present collide.

I can do nothing but hide.

I wait for the scars to fade away.

To keep it at bay.

But it still finds a way,

To consume me, come what may.

A wound that bleeds but leaves no scar, Memories that haunt from near and far,

A pain that grips and won't let go,

Trapped inside, no way to show.

The mind, a labyrinth of pain,

A wound, injured by things inhumane, Emotions tangled, raw and deep,

A secret that is a burden & is hard to keep.

A shattered past, a broken heart,

Pieces scattered, torn apart,

A life forever changed by force,

A journey through a darkened course.

The wounds still remain, so deep.

In every crevice of my soul.

Oh, how, I try to sleep,

But the memories take their toll.

Deep down I long to be loved

But Ikeep my hands gloved

Because fear holds me in its grasp

Because I know no one’s love will last

The pain too great, the wounds too deep

I can't bear to take this leap

So I’ll stand there all alone

Pushing away all love shown

In solitude, I find my peace,

Away from all the noise and grease.

I try to love, to muster my strength,

But I can’t help but keep everyone at arm's length.

Alone in the darkness, I stand

Pushing away every outstretched hand

But it grips my heart like a vice

Covering my entire soul in unbreakable ice.

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