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'23 Wrap-Up

All of us are influenced by trends and fads. They have a sway over us and we’re all susceptible to these fascinating fashion changes now and then. Every year is defined and associated with the fashion choices ruling the hearts and minds of the up-and-coming generation. This year, Gen Z explored everything from bows to boots. A few were kicked to the curb while the rest were here to stay. Some of these were truly cherished and will be part of many closets for a long time to come. So here are a few trends that defined 2023!

First up is the trend that took us by storm. This particular trend was seen in the nyfw and was also sported by several celebrities. Yup, we’re talking about Cherry Cola Red. This colour has been a huge hit during fall 2023 and has continued receiving showers of praise even after fall. The colour is best sported as hair and eyebrows as can be seen on Dua Lipa and Julia Fox.

 It was also the perfect lip shade for fall and had taken Tiktok by a storm naming the trend ‘Cherry Cola Lips’. It is essentially a dark red or cherry red gloss or lipstick that gives your lips a brownish-red tint. Even I caved to this trend and bought the perfect cherry cola lip oil by Clarins! This trend spread its influence far beyond just hair and lips. This magnificent shade of red was seen all over the runway during fashion weeks and can be seen incorporated in clothing, leather jackets, accessories, footwear-especially block heels, and my personal favourite- nails. The nail trend for fall, surely enough, was solid cherry cola nails and we couldn’t be more in love with the shade!

Next up, we have crochet. This trend is absolutely fabulous and is a chic boho dream come true. Celebrities like the infamous miss Tyla, Vanessa Hudgens, Bhumi Pednekar and Hailey Bieber, to name a few, have been spotted styling this trend in their own way. The look can be  seen in the form of a beautiful pastel dress, an adorable crochet top or my favourite- a perfect cover up for a cute beach fit!

It can also be seen in the form of a mini or maxi skirt which was one of the staple fits for the summer. Vivienne Westwood’s 1993 crochet knit dress has also made a spectacular comeback and was worn by Olivia Rodrigo and Kim Kardashian. 

‘A sign of leisure and a symbol of dignity’ Even Quentin Bell agrees that skirts are the epitome and grace and femininity. 2023 couldn’t agree more, with the exponential influence of the maxi skirts that left a lasting impression in the history of fashion. This was a fashion favourite for model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski who looked absolutely stunning everytime she stepped out in a maxi skirt, styled her way. My favourite though, has to be the satin skirt with the black halter top and cowboy boots.

Kendall Jenner was seen sporting the maxi skirt with a tank top and trainers which was the perfect downtime look. The maxi skirt was also seen as a cotton, beachy style white skirt that was super famous and was the perfect summer skirt. The maxi skirt made appearances as a denim skirt and stunning floral printed skirts. 

Next up we have sheer clothing. This trend was spotted all over the nyfw and has been absolutely stunning! Celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Audrey Trullinger were seen looking absolutely gorg in their sheer clothing at the VMAs. Audrey chose a stunning silver corset top, floor-length dress with flower accents.

Celebrities like Rihanna and Sabrina Carpenter wore sheer dresses for the Oscars and looked like absolute goddesses. And can we have a moment of silence for Daisy Edgar-Jones in the rhinestone-studded Gucci dress, because she looked absolutely breath-taking!!!

To end this wrap up on a high note, can we appreciate the absolutely adorable trend of bows?! This might be my personal favourite way to elevate any outfit. A simple set of bows at the end of your twin braids? I’m screaming! Not to mention the half updo with a stunning statement bow. It was a true  highlight of 2023. Bows can also be spotted on jewellery like earrings and necklaces and they have my whole heart.

People have also gone out of their way to add tiny pink bows to their outfits itself, like a corset top, tied up with pink ribbon or a bow at the waistline of their favourite jeans. Of course, there’s also the everlasting bow dress that looks beautiful paired with a pair of heels. My favourite has to be the dress with the bow on the front that acts as the perfect accessory to the stunning satin glove.

These are just a few of the spectacular fashion trends of the year and I have to say gen z has truly outdone itself this year. All these trends have been loved by fashion enthusiasts and have truly showcased artistic expression through clothes. Every trend is somehow always unique to the person sporting it because of the way they choose to express themselves in the outfit. Trends will come and go, but what’s truly important is being yourself and dressing the way you like, either by incorporating these trends or not.

P.s. A 2022 trend that stayed this year was the corset top and dresses, and I fully consent to this because have you seen Sabrina Carpenter’s corset dress for her tours??? Stunning doesn't even begin to cover how much I Iove that dress because, your honour, she slayed!!

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