2031: a fashion flashback

Updated: May 31

COVID-19. Naam toh suna hi hoga. After all, it’s in all our history textbooks.


Lemme give you a lil nasty nostalgia. It's the year 2020; lockdowns have just started to be implemented, everyone’s wearing a mask, everyone’s quarantined, making dalgona coffee, and trying out the new “savage” TikTok dance.

Ring a bell?

It's 2031, and nearly 12 years later, the world is still recovering from the impact of the pandemic that shook all of us to our very cores.

Jeez- this is all so melodramatic. In all honesty, the COVID-19 pandemic took all of us on a rollercoaster. Every aspect of our reality was upturned. Let’s not lie tho; The fashion trends that emerged from the situation are priceless and one of a kind. In this article, let’s look back at some of the best fashion trends the pandemic years saw. Seat belts on, this one’s a ride back in time;)

Zoom tops

Back in the day, people used an app called “Zoom” for video calls. I’m serious; they had an APP for it. It sounds like a nightmare; I mean, these days, all it takes is a smartwatch for holographic video calls! Anyhow, the entire world ran on this app for all its meetings, functions, EVERYTHING. A hilarious trend found its way in the spotlight- as the months went by and companies extended remote working, wearing a nice top and earrings was all that was needed. You could juss chill in boxers and a cute shirt and look like a professional! FUN

His/ Her- who?

Sharing is caring, my loves, and the quarantined folks took this a little too seriously. The pandemic had them not just scouring their wardrobes but ransacking their partners' closets for some inspiration. A million youtube videos were made on thrift flips and “DIYing my boyfriend’s closet” in the day. Someone took the phrase “boyfriend shirts” a lil too seriously, huh?


Sweatpants were officially the staple fit of 2020. At the same time, every gal on TikTok wanted to try Chloe Ting’s new workout regimes. So there, the perfect sweet spot of workout clothing and lazy dressing was found- athleisure!

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