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The Journey of Embracing Change: Fall Edition

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

My eyes meticulously scanned the place: Dappled light dotted across the floor, and a pleasant aroma of petrichor danced in the air. You never know when it rains here in Bangalore. Yet, something about today feels different.

When we heard the news about shifting to a new hostel, my mind went haywire. All I could think about was the complexities of living with three other people and re-decorating my wall the way it was before. Change. My worst fear, perched on the back of my neck, started to creep in. But, just like the different shades of fall leaves with analogous colours, my journey had bitter-sweet experiences throughout the season. This primarily included stress at the start of the semester. New place, new term, new roommates. An overwhelming concoction of unfamiliarity. Not to mention, the days seemed shorter than ever, reminding me to prioritise my tasks for a balanced schedule, which left me in more distress. However, with time, things progressed when I started to build a new routine right from scratch, including self-care habits and quality time to get to know my new roommates. This has completely changed my perception of change. I began to see it as an opportunity for unforgettable experiences, a start of progress, and an opening moment to grow.

Fall not only brings in vibrant hues of colours and scenic views but also reminders of the inevitable life changes. The shedding of leaves, making the ground a colour palette, is just the beginning of something new. And, where the leaves shed, the new ones grow, the greener ones, and the brighter ones. It teaches us that even when things begin to fall apart, it only catalyses the upcoming growth through healing.

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