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Queer Fashion ICONS!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Happy Pride Month!! I believe Pride is all about accepting everyone for who they are and allowing them the chance to be free so they can chase their dreams.

It’s about love and being able to love anyone you want. It is loving yourself for who you are. It’s a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, equality, and freedom.

While this month is filled with color and enlightenment it symbolizes so much more than that. Today, let’s discuss some queer LEGENDS out there that we just cannot fail to mention. These icons have taken to flaunt their sexuality with their astounding taste in fashion so here’s a token of appreciation for them:

Billy Porter

Billy Porter is the definition of bold statements. Be it overflowing gowns with tulles and laces or hot suits paired with gorgeous heels, Porter sure does know how to mark his presence. The ‘pose’ actor has blessed us with his impeccable fashion sense from his stunning bejeweled cat-suit with over a million crystals and beads to his iconic half tuxedo and half-gown fit.

Sarah Paulsen

Sarah Paulsen definitely knows how to flaunt everything she’s got. She looks confident and completely herself in every outfit she wears, be it on-screen or off-screen. Her elegant switch between feminine dresses to classic masculine outfits are eye-catching! All heads automatically turn to her as she enters the room and all jaws instantly drop to the floor. Her edge and traditional-modern clothing are always so exciting and we can’t wait for more of her stunning looks!

Demi Lovato

If you can sing as high as them, I’ll literally do anything you want! Demi Lovato sure knows how to own a room. Their outfits are nothing but completely and utterly them and you can easily see it in the way they carry themselves. Bold, charismatic, and sensational, Demi’s jumpsuits to reimagined tuxedos are the highlight of any event. Talking about LGBTQ+ rights on their podcast and hosting pride shows on YouTube, Demi Lovato is doing everything they can to support the members of this community!

Harry Styles

I will never ever stop obsessing over Harry Styles. Ever. A phenomenal voice, an amazing attitude, a beautiful songwriter with a mind-blowing fashion sense, I mean, he’s the entire package deal! After 1D split, Harry spent his years waging a war against toxic masculinity by being wholly himself. Harry Styles is such an enchanting person, from his music to the way he talks. To name a few of his iconic looks, his sensational Met gala look, his Ariel costume and of course that stunning ball gown on the Vogue cover (It took everything in me to not fangirl about the bubblegum picture!). On that note, I’m gonna go blast ‘Adore You’ by him right now. Bye!!

Oh and Happy Pride Month to you again :)

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