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Kaptain Kohli

Statistics often do not tell the whole story. Though undeniably marvellous, the flattering figures can never quite capture the depth of someone’s contribution to their field. Kohli’s influence goes beyond the pitch, beyond the wins, and beyond the runs that are shown on international television. He did more than just help the Indian Cricket Team emerge victorious multiple times – Virat Kohli led the Indian cricket team with his heart on his sleeve.

Throughout the captaincy journey that he underwent, critics always had their knives out for him. They mocked his aggression and called it unnecessary. They compared him to his predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his calm personality. [Personally, I do not think these comparisons were fair] Kohli refused to change his technique [and I love him for that] and refused to bridle his aggression and fierce passion or succumb to the styles of the previous captains.

Virat Kohli, almost every young cricketer’s idol, has never had it easy for himself. When he was just 18, his father passed away in the wee hours of a December morning of 2006 because of a sudden heart attack. Then, in 2014, Kohli suffered a terrible phase of depression after the tormenting cricket tour of England where he wasn’t able to score as well as he normally does. Life has always been throwing curveballs at him. While Kohli has dodged some, he has gotten hit by some, too. They’ve taken a toll on him, but his undying spirit and passion for the sport have always helped him back up! Virat means bravery & valour and I do not know anyone else who has truly lived upto the meaning of their name.

He holds the record for the most test matches as captain for India. Under Kohli’s leadership, India won 58.8% of the test matches that they played which is the highest among all Indian captains. He has scored seven double-centuries in his test career. This also puts him first on the list of most double centuries for any test captain!

At 34, Kohli may no longer be captain, but there’s plenty of cricket left in him. You may call him too tough, too strict, too aggressive but if you take a closer look at the life he has led, the number of challenges that he has had to face, I promise you’ll fall in love with this marvel. Because when I say the word captain? His name is still the first one that I think of.

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