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I See You

I see you in every single movement and every single colour. I see you chase after your sane, implausible dreams, ignoring their envious dissuasives. I see you smile as your corners crinkle and your eyes sparkle ,but I also see the broken soul hiding behind it. I see you admire the glorious moon and a gloomy, starry night rather than adoring the burning Sun on a busy and bright day. I see you worship your body adorned with those scars and imperfections, but I also see you wallow in the mist of self-hatred. I see your hiccupped giggles turn into sympathetic chokes of sobs for I wince in your pain and bawl in your sorrow. I see you glow in the bright summer until you burn in its wrath, but I see you rise from those ashes like the fighter you are. I see you crumble from heartbreak and misery until you learn to assemble those shattered pieces. I see you grieve, shine, relish, reminisce. I see you every day. I love you. I resent you. I adore you. Because love, I am you. And I see you.

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