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Our cause

give back to society.

The proceeds from The Teen Tribune's first fundraiser Model United Nations Conference, TMUN 2021 will be going to the specific cause of

Mental Health Services being provided by the MINDS Foundation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Donations are open for both delegates and non-delegates! This is an assured and verified GiveIndia campaign with over 60,000 generated already! Come join the cause for some much needed CHANGE! 

When you donate, do send a screenshot to the Teen Tribune’s Instagram page @theteentribune or a Whatsapp message to +91 7030799778.

You will be featured and thanked in our newspaper issue!

The MINDS Foundation has identified the feelings of isolation, anxiety, stress, depression, guilt, and loneliness that the Indian population is currently dealing with. In many parts of the country, women find themselves in highly patriarchal surroundings, locked in their homes, left to deal with their work, children, domestic responsibilities, abuse and stress. When it comes to children's mental health, most find it difficult to accept.

To address these issues, the MINDS Foundation is setting up a counselling center; content and resource development; and a distress helpline.


As woke members of society, we believe it is our responsibility to advocate for these causes in our WHO committee and contribute as well! 

Our partner-

Collaboration over Competition!

dhoondh logo (1).png

We are extremely excited and honoured to announce our partnership with Dhoondh, an organization that aims to bring to bear the best that internet technology has to offer in the fight against COVID!
At the Teen Tribune, we believe that giving back to society is important. Thus, proceeds from the MUN will be donated to the cause identified above. was conceptualized during the troubling month of May, 2021. A time when covid hit India harder than ever. A few individuals realised that it was time for the common man to help our county’s health professionals. They rallied and decided to fight the plasma availability war by connecting plasma donors and patients!
As they catered to patients, the members of Dhoondh realized that the struggle doesn’t end at the hospital discharge. The disease affects the mental health of both patients and their loved ones. Thus, Dhoondh recently set a new priority: to aid patients through the recovery process and help them get back to their feet as soon as possible.
In line with their observation, we at TMUN will be discussing mental health with reference to the pandemic in the WHO committee. We believe mental health is an important agenda that requires attention and a solution. Delegates, it is now your responsibility to effectively combine mental health and policymaking as we step into a post-pandemic world.

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