Pride and Mythology

Ever wondered about how pride fits in our vast and diverse culture?

Here are a few of the numerous instances I’ve found that illustrate pride in mythology.


The idea of gender as a spectrum may feel modern to some, but Hindu literature has recounted stories of figures who defied the binary for centuries. The most evident example perhaps is the depiction of Shiva in Ardhanarishwara form, an androgynous composition of Shiva and Parvati. Vishnu, the Lord Vishnu, is clearly portrayed as gender-fluid since he frequently took on the female avatar Mohini. These are just a few of the many Hindu deities that defied gender norms back in the day.


Although subjective todate, multiple hieroglyphics and texts confirm the existence of same-sex relationships in ancient Egypt. Gods such as Isis, Seth, and Horus have been cited as some of the more famous examples of pride on the Nile.


ACHILLES AND PATROCLUS. Yeah, probably my favourite gay ship of all time. Ever since I read ‘The Song of Achilles’ by Madeline Miller, a good portion of my Pinterest feed has been filled by related Tumblr threads. The Iliad described their relationship as deep and meaningful but failed to explicitly cast the two as lovers. They were, however, portrayed romantically in the works of Aeschylus, Aeschines, and Plato. The two of them were each other's closest and most trusted companions, right from their childhood up until the Trojan war.

Just gonna casually leave these here ;)

Be sure to read more about pride in mythology in Issue 35 of the newspaper! Happy Pride Month!

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