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Nature's truest form

Manifestation of grace

Delight of the aesthete's heart

Undying, always—

Hidden in the heavens

Streaked red by sunset

At the golden horizon

Where Sky and Sea had met—

In dusk's star-speckled orb

The pale moonlight—

Ecstatic, lost in its joyful dance

In its Tryst with the Tide;

In the subtle vibrance,

The iridescence of dew—

The spectrum, splattered 'cross the sky

In every wondrous hue—

In the velvet petals

Of a rose, delicate;

Hidden in its crimson whirls

Gentle, yet intricate;

In wind's whispers

As with your tresses it plays—

In the warm tints of sunlight

That light up your sun-kissed face—

In the life-giving scent of earth

In rain's eloquent song—

In the gusts that blow as Heaven pours

In the trees that sway along—

In the notes of a symphony

Whence emotion does arise;

Poetry that tugs at the heartstrings

Nostalgia, that inspires—

In the coolness of a loving caress

As in the shade of the boughs wide;

In the warmth of the crackling embers

As from the beloved's smile—

In words like music,

In the eyes that Good can see;

That glow with the light that shines through

A heart where Love can be—

The muse of every artist

Creative inspiration—

The only Joy eternal,

Reality in Perfection—

The Creator's pride,

His plaything, His game—

All that's blithesome, pure inside—

Beauty is my name.

~ Sai Sreemayee Sistla

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